About Me

Thanks for stopping by the site, no matter what content brought you here. Whether you are a returning reader or someone who found me recently, I appreciate your time.

Anyways, you came here to get some information about me and I plan to accommodate you. My name is Cale Michael, a 23-year old college graduate who is currently working as a freelance esports reporter.

I made this blog years ago to post my sports related articles, and now that I cover esports professionally, this website is where I come to write about non-gaming related fields. That means you will likely see articles about movies, books, animation, etc.

Currently, this site is the hub for any articles I write that don’t involve video games as a main theme and my podcast/review series of articles called Comics Over Coffee.

I am a very talkative person, so if you ever have questions, ideas, or just want to talk about something feel free to shoot a tweet my way @XJustified or email me. I will rarely turn down a conversation. To wrap this up I want to thank you for visiting again and I hope you continue to come back.

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