Titanfall into Apex Legends, Nintendo Labo VR, and Making Time for Gaming with KingFranchize88 | The WHY Cast? (Ep. 8)


On this episode of the WHY Cast? Cale and special guest Andrew “KingFranchize88” Francis sit down to talk about their love of Titanfall and how that translated into Apex Legends, Nintendo making a VR component for the Labo, Games that would be awesome on the Switch, and how to work gaming into your week’s busy schedule. Along the way, there might be some talk about Melee HD, their massive backlogs, and a lot of One Piece. 

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Intro: 0:00 – 2:32
Apex Legends: 2:32 – 15:21
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate: 15:21 – 19:00
Nintendo Labo VR: 19:00 – 25:40
Switch Ports and Remasters: 25:40 – 58:12
Gaming On A Busy Schedule: 58:12 – 1:41:27
Outro: 1:41:27 – 1:44:00 (end)


Melee Is Out at EVO 2019, Pokemon The First Movie remake, and Where We Go For Entertainment | The WHY Cast? (Ep. 7)


On this episode of the WHY Cast? Cale and GeOm sit down to talk about Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 potentially getting remastered, Phoenix Wright coming to the current gen, Xbox on PC, the recent trailer for the Pokemon The First Movie CG remake, and where they go to get entertainment in an age of cable cutting. 

Website: https://xjustified.com/
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Intro: 0:00 – 5:02
CoD: MW2 Remastered: 5:02 – 10:12
Plague Inc. Anti-Vaxxers: 10:12 – 13:00
Phoenix Wright to Switch and PC: 13:00 -16:57
Xbox One support on PC: 16:67 – 20:08
Pokemon The First Movie CG Remake: 20:08 – 24:36
EVO 2019 Roster: 24:36 – 44:35
Where Do We Go For Entertainment?: 44:35 – 1:22:33 (end)