Toronto Raptors: What’s Next?

What awaits them in the off-season?

The Cleveland Cavaliers successfully completed a sweep over the Toronto Raptors, and it may have triggered more than the end of a season. Kyle Lowry is entering free agency, and so are others. What’s next for the Toronto Raptors?

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First Round Threats

Who’s most dangerous in the first round?

The first round of the playoffs has commenced. The main highlight are teams that get the best of seven and move forward, though the playoffs are also home to historical performances by individuals. Listed below are five players who threaten their team’s opponent in stuffing the stat sheet, and earning their team wins along the way:

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Tales from Free Agency: Paul Millsap

Where will he go?

The Atlanta Hawks are on a downhill slide, and this assuredly won’t be the year they bring home the franchise’s first championship since 1958. Currently, the Hawks sit at the Eastern Conference 6th seed, having gone 2-8 in their last ten. With Paul Millsap’s free agency coming up this off season, will he resign to a team that is unfit for title hopes?

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