Discussing Pokemon Sword and Shield with OldManTup and ZeroScore | The WHY Cast? (Ep. 6)


On this episode of the WHY Cast? Cale, OldManTup, and ZeroScore sit around their mics to discuss everything that was revealed about the new Generation Eight Pokemon titles, Pokemon Sword and Shield. This includes what is known thus far, leaks that correctly predicted portions of the reveal, leaks that might give insight into what might be revealed next, and their general opinions about what was shown.

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Intro: 0:00 – 2:34
Pokemon Sword and Shield reveal: 2:34 – 8:13
Comparing Sword and Shield to Let’s Go!: 8:13 – 13:10
Talking about the new starters: 13:10 – 21:56
First impressions of the Galar Region: 21:56 -27:46
Gameplay mechanics and technical limitations: 27:46 – 45:08
Gyms making a comeback?: 45:08 – 55:02
New Pokemon and Potential Legendaries: 55:02 – 1:10.13
Armored Evolution and other new forms: 1:10.13 – 1:22.33
More “leaks” and potential additions: 1:22.33 – 1:59.29
Outro: 1:59.29 – 2:07.52 (end)