Google Stadia, Nintendo Indies, and Digital vs Physical Media | The WHY Cast? (Ep. 9)

On this episode of the WHY Cast? Cale and GeOm sit down to talk about all of the crazy and unique Indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch in the coming months, including Cuphead and the newly announced Cadence of Hyrule. They also talk about yet another Goku being added to Dragonball FighterZ, Google giving us more details about their streaming platform – Stadia, all followed by a discussion on the escalating argument between Digital and Physical media.




Google Play:
Pocket Casts:



Intro: 0:00 – 4:48
Nintendo Indies Direct: 4:48 – 30:37
Kid Goku (GT) Coming to Dragonball FighterZ: 30:37 – 37:46
Details about Google Stadia: 37:46 – 51:22
Digital vs Physical Media: 51:22 – 1:19:31 (end)


Reggie Retires from Nintendo, Space Jam 2, and Discussing Fandoms | The W.H.Y. Cast? (Ep. 5)

On this episode of the W.H.Y Cast?, Cale and GeOm talk about Reggie Fils-Aime retiring after 15 years at Nintendo, games getting price drops, Overwatch teasing a new hero, Samsung’s newest phones, Space Jam 2 getting a release date and why they are fans of the teams and developers they like. 


Reggie Fils-Aime retires: 7:50 – 17:50
Spider-Man Gets a price drop: 17:50 – 28:16
Overwatch teases new hero: 28:16 – 35:41
GTX 1660: 35:41 – 39:55
Hugh Jackman gets a World Record: 39:55 – 41:32
Samsung reveals Galaxy Fold: 41:33 – 52:53
Space Jam 2 gets a release date: 52:54 – 59:35
Fandoms: 59:43 – 1:52.00 (end)

New Nintendo Games, Spongebob Spinoffs, and Guilty Pleasures | The W.H.Y. Cast? (Ep. 4)

On this episode of the W.H.Y Cast?, Cale and GeOm talk about everything revealed in the February Nintendo Direct, a whole slew of comic news, SpongeBob SquarePants gearing up for a crazy 20th anniversary and discussing some of their guilty pleasures and bad habits. 


Nintendo Direct Recap – 2:00 to 34:45

Jump Force – 34:35 to 42:00

Conan the Barbarian – 42:00 to 44:25

Batman and TMNT Crossover Animation – 44:25 to 50:00

Inside Gaming is back – 50:10 to 55:00

Spongebob Special and Spinoff – 55:00 to 58:00

Big Topic – 58:00 to 1:33.00 (end)

Apex Legends, Guardians of the Galaxy 3, and the Era of Video Game Remasters | The W.H.Y. Cast? (Ep. 3)

On this episode of the W.H.Y Cast?, Cale and GeOm discuss the recently released Apex Legends having massive success, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 apparently using James Gunn’s script, and the continuing trend of video games being remade and remastered for modern consoles. 


Apex Legends: 6:00 – 25:50

Guardians 3: 26:00 – 31:20

Division 2 Beta Issues: 31:20 – 36:40

AMD Radeon: 36:40 – 43:00

Assasins Creed 3 remaster: 43:00 -56:25

Big Topic: 56:30 – 1:54.47 (end)