A simple letter to Gordon Hayward

A simple letter written by a fan to Gordon Hayward.

Dear Gordan,

You don’t know me and I don’t know you, and that’s fine. I fully expect you not to read this article at all, but I need to get this off of my chest regardless.

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A City Abuzz: the Hornets 2017 Draftees

Charlotte silently walked away with two steals in last nights draft.

The 2017 NBA Draft has come and gone. One team that walked away better than most, were the Charlotte Hornets.

A look at the 2017 Hornets draftees:

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The Utah Jazz Have Found Their Point Guard

Defense first. It’s the Utah way.

The NBA off-season has commenced full throttle, and we sit only one week in. D’Angelo Russell, Dwight Howard, and Brook Lopez are changing colors, and Houston Rockets guard Patrick Beverley may be next.

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Phoenix Suns, Kristaps is Available

For the right price, he’s their guy.

The NBA off-season has commenced, and trade rumors are abundant. Among those, the Phoenix Suns have risen (no pun intended) as suitors for Paul George, Kevin Love, and most recently Kristaps Porzingis of the New York Knicks.

For the Suns, a Porzingis-Phoenix marriage could be franchise altering.

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Los Angeles Lakers: the Time to Pursue Paul George is Now

The Lakers need Paul George, and they need him now.

It was reported Sunday afternoon, that Paul George will assuredly leave the Pacers as a franchise, optimally for the Los Angeles Lakers, come 2018.

Yes, he’s nearly guaranteed he’ll be in purple and gold next season.


For the Lakers, the time to obtain Paul George isn’t then, it’s now. 

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Brooklyn to Boston: the Celtics’ Options

Who will they draft?

Everyone knows the infamous trade that occurred years ago between the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics.

Now, the NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone, and the Celtics have been paid.

Boston is set to take the number one overall pick in this year’s draft. Some options for a team that reached the Eastern Conference Finals:

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Shining Bright, the Suns Options

Pick a forward, or trade for one?

The NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone, and no the Phoenix Suns are not picking in the top three. However, they will draft at pick four.

With this in mind, my take on their draft night moves.

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DPOY: Ranking the Finalists

Who’s your Defensive Player of the Year?

Last Friday, the NBA released the finalists for the league’s annual awards.

Regarding Defensive Player of the Year, I ranked the finalists below, and made their case for honors:

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Tales from Free Agency: Blake Griffin

Where will he go?

The Los Angeles Clippers finished their season in the usual style, falling too early in the playoffs and injury ridden. After failing to reach the Western Conference Finals again, could Blake Griffin be ready to part ways with Lob City?

My take, on his potential destinations as a free agent:

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6MOY: Ranking the Finalists

Who’s your Sixth Man of the Year?

Friday afternoon, the NBA released the finalists for the league’s annual awards.

Regarding Sixth Man of the Year, I ranked each finalist and made their case for the honors below:

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