Reggie Retires from Nintendo, Space Jam 2, and Discussing Fandoms | The W.H.Y. Cast? (Ep. 5)

On this episode of the W.H.Y Cast?, Cale and GeOm talk about Reggie Fils-Aime retiring after 15 years at Nintendo, games getting price drops, Overwatch teasing a new hero, Samsung’s newest phones, Space Jam 2 getting a release date and why they are fans of the teams and developers they like. 


Reggie Fils-Aime retires: 7:50 – 17:50
Spider-Man Gets a price drop: 17:50 – 28:16
Overwatch teases new hero: 28:16 – 35:41
GTX 1660: 35:41 – 39:55
Hugh Jackman gets a World Record: 39:55 – 41:32
Samsung reveals Galaxy Fold: 41:33 – 52:53
Space Jam 2 gets a release date: 52:54 – 59:35
Fandoms: 59:43 – 1:52.00 (end)


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