Hey look, we rebranded

A description of why Booster-Blogs was rebranded and what content will be posted in the near future.

Since I posted the article talking about the future of this site back in February, I have taken a lot of time to think about what I want to do with my free time in writing.

I spend most of my writing time covering sports for my school’s online newspaper The Talon or – as of this last week – covering CS:GO over on Dot Esports and Skrilla. This takes up a large portion of whatever writing time I have during the week.

The rest of it is usually spent working on stories that I want to one day make into either comics or books, just as a way to release some creative ideas in some way other than writing sports or covering events.

My mindset in writing has changed recently too. Instead of wanting to cover every event, I have been leaning more into covering one subject with as much detail as possible. I want to make my content more like a documentary rather than a news blurb.

That inspired this change.

XJustified, for those of you who don’t know, is the username I use almost everywhere online circa 2011. I have no idea where the name came from or what it means, but loathe am I to change something that I have grown so attached to over the years – not to mention I don’t really want to change 20+ account names across several platforms.

For nearly three years I uploaded videos to a YouTube channel of the same name, though almost every video there is set to private for a reason I will talk about in a moment. I enjoyed doing that as a hobby before I took up writing and eventually went into the journalism field.

Now – nearly three years after I stopped posting things other than podcasts over there – I plan to start a new series. That being a series of video essays calledĀ Boost Power.

In the spirit of keeping Booster alive in something that will be on this site – other than the tagline and my constant gushing – this name hits twofold with my love of theĀ F-Zero franchise.

This series will be a way for me to talk in detail about games, shows or other things from other mediums in video format. Something I have wanted to try for a long time.

Those videos will be posted on YouTube and then as a bonus I will be posting the research essay I use to write the script for those videos here with the video embedded and links to some of the sources I used to make them. Just a little something to make more content across multiple platforms.

Speaking of content, let’s talk about what will be going up here on the site!

First, I am going to be posting more frequently here.

I want to talk more about animation, movies and other things I watch or read during my spare time. I am reading several books I would love to talk about and I want to do an article talking about my favorite podcasts and why I recommend them to people.

Stuff like that takes less time then the video projects and I am passionate about it, so expect more of that.

Next, Collin and Richard are back!

Collin is going to switch over from talking sports to talking music and movies here on the site. His sports work continues over on Elite Sports NY, but he signed on here to continue writing something other than NBA content.

Rich is also back and will continue covering League of Legends. I want to stop with the recaps and start delving into the deeper analysis of stuff in the esports world and with Rich’s help, we are going to get there.

Thanks to them for supporting me from start to present on this project!

Lastly, we are open to new writers.

If you have never written for a site but want to try your hand at writing about something that fits the site’s guidelines, please hit me up via email or over on my twitter.

I personally edit every article here for errors and formatting so don’t worry about something being two messy to read. If you have a concept, write it up and reach out!

Thank you for all the support and I hope the new content is worth the wait.

– Cale Michael

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