The future of this site

A brief update on the future of Booster-Blogs and what content will be posted in the future.

[Credit to Pio Paulo Santana for the featured image. Check out his stuff over on DeviantArt]

As I have taken on more and more responsibility with my college courses, personal projects and other ventures in the past six months, I have had to sideline this website and all of the content I had planned for both the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.

I had several articles and other posts pinned in drafts for months and just never got around to adding the finishing touches and posting the final products. This isn’t a knock on what I was working on, more that I just ran out of time to post them when they would have been relevant [example: a Justice League movie deep dive].

That being said, I have plans in the works to post at least one article every week from here on out [meaning that I will begin this starting sometime in March] to try and make up for the lackluster last half of 2017.

The content as of now will include reviews of comics that I am reading, likely in a format of ‘What Did I Read This Week’ where I briefly talk about everything I went through during that week, and deep dives of movies or shows I have watched [keep your eyes out for an article about Konosuba in the coming weeks].

I don’t have a specific day that I will update yet, that will probably be changed during February, but I hope you will all look forward to content from me in the near future.

In other news, if you are a long time reader of the site, shout out to those of you still around, then you remember the head sports writer of the site Collin Loring. If you don’t, just know he is a dirty Knicks fan who writes things online.

After leaving the site in June, Collin remained in contact with me. Eventually he reached out to me with the proposition of launching an NBA-centric podcast at some point and from there we worked out some plans and here we are. Within the next month, the Hangover Hoops podcast will officially launch via Podbean to podcast services around the globe.

For updates on that you can keep tuned here or over on my twitter account.

There may also be some more news on the podcast front coming in the coming months… no announcement as of yet though.

Thanks for the support on the site and I hope to meet your expectations from here on out.

– Cale Michael

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