NA LCS Summer Split Week One Recap

With the first week of LCS having past, the glimpse into the split it gave was certainly an interesting one. I’m not sure anyone predicted the week to go the way it did and I certainly didn’t.

Bear in mind that it is only the first week so the stats are definitely going to change as the split continues, but seeing teams like Echo Fox, Immortal and, Team Dignitas on the top of the leader boards is worth a double take.

The teams above as well as Counter Logic Gaming went 2-0 this week an impressive start. But the more shocking is that Cloud 9, FlyQuest, and, Phoenix 1 all went 0-2 (along with Team Liquid but that isn’t too surprising) meaning 2nd-4th place of spring split are all tied for last place.

Again this is just the first week so it doesn’t mean this is how the split will end but it was for the most part exceptionally unexpected.

Coming this week will sure be another exciting week of professional League of Legends, giving teams like C9 the chance at redemption after a hard week against CLG and Team Solo Mid which left them 0-2.

We also get to see a rivalry match between TSM and CLG. This game gives both teams an interesting chance. For CLG they get the chance to show that this last week wasn’t a fluke of other teams, and that they once again belong the top in North America. Whereas a TSM win would show again that TSM has the capability to lead North America into 2017 world championship.

Though in the end I think CLG will make an impressive showing over all this split. Probably losing to TSM in the end (this first match could go either way) but they could easily run the gauntlet and make it to worlds.

I predicted this split would hold many surprises and even though this past week was just the beginning of the summer split it showed that just about anything can happen in the LCS.

Who knows? Maybe we will see more upsets and turn around than ever before.


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