The Warriors’ Worry

They can’t stay forever.

The Golden State Warriors have reached their third consecutive Finals, an impressive feat by all means. However, as this “super team” nears yet another championship, one has to wonder. How long can this franchise keep four All Stars under wraps?


Below, specifics on each of the big four’s salary.

Player: Salary: Through:
Steph $12-million Free agent.
Klay  $16.6-$18.9 2019
Draymond $15.3-$18.5 2020
Durant $26.5-million Player option.

Stephen Curry is a free agent following the NBA Finals. Klay Thompson and Draymond Green are under contract each year with bonuses respectively until expiration. Kevin Durant has a player option for the following season.

Stephen Curry

is set to be a free agent. As one of the best shooters this league has ever seen, he’ll likely seek his first big paycheck this summer. The new CBA has him in line for a $200-million + max contract from Golden State, and there’s no signs of him leaving.

Going anywhere else would likely feature a pay cut for Curry. It wasn’t single handedly, but he was a part of the team that brought this franchise back to relevancy. Their franchise player assuredly.

Kevin Durant

has a player option for this season. Could he shock the world and sign elsewhere as he did last summer? Yes, though unlikely. With a player option at twenty seven million, won’t he just opt in? Yes, but also unlikely.

Under the new CBA, Durant would be capable to make an additional $9-million this season, making the option on his contract a pay cut. The outcome of this Finals will probably dictate most of his decision making, though he’s faced with three options. Opting out for the max, agreeing to the twenty six million option, or signing elsewhere.

Klay Thompson

is receiving a lot of skepticism regarding his play in the post season. He isn’t scoring as much, and not making the slightest splash in the Warriors pond. Regardless, he’s under contract until 2019, and has no say in that.

Should the Warriors attempt to max both Durant and Curry, it’s rumored Thompson will be the odd man out. He’s already displayed his capability to run in his own show. It’s just a matter of whether the Warriors will help him, or if he’ll have to bide his time through the years.

Draymond Green

is the best purchase Golden State has made in recent years. Following their championship run in 2015, the Warriors signed Green to a five-year/$85-million dollar deal. It was a different CBA, but still. The much considered “x-factor” will be earning what Durant makes in one season, through two and a half.

There’s no sign Green will be traded, and may receive a contract extension in a couple seasons once salaries are balanced out. Out of all four, expect Green to retire in blue and gold.

In Conclusion

“All good things must come to an end.” That has never been more true for the game of basketball than in relevancy to the Golden State Warriors.

For now, the contracts will increase, and increase, and then increase some more. All while the role players featured on the bench do the opposite.

It will be interesting to see how this franchise handles it’s surplus of superstars. However, the focus currently is earning their second championship. Game 2 airs Sunday night, 8 PM Eastern on ABC.

All stats and information provided by ESPN,, and Hoops Hype. Featured image provided by Sporting News via Google Images.

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