NA LCS Summer Split Kickoff

The NA LCS picks up again this weekend with the opening of the 2017 Summer Split so it’s an exciting time for League of Legends.

This is the Split that actually determines which teams will represent North America at worlds this year. And with the rather expected/boring ending of the spring split, I hope this split hold more excitement and typically the summer split does as temperatures rise since there is much more at stake this split.

The summer split opens with a match between Counter Logic Gamming and Cloud 9. C9 will probably be strong right out the gate since they are traditionally an early split team and they are coming in with the same roster as spring and thus are coming in with synergy already.

CLG will probably struggle early since they are coming in with a new jungler and will probably take some time for him to synergize with the rest of the team. Think they needed a team mate to bring the talent they already have together so Dardoch will be a good fit for them in my opinion.

CLG typically plays better in summer and rarely don’t make it to worlds so they will be fun to watch.

Team Solo Mid should also have a strong showing with the return of Doublelift so they will be exciting to watch even though WildTurtle moved to FlyQuest (probably a smart move for him since he wouldn’t see much play with TSM).

With Double TSM has the best ADC, the best mid laner (Bjergsen) best top laner (hauntzer) and the 2nd best support (biofrost) in NA. So as long as Sven plays decently well TSM will be the best they have ever been and will likely win the split and a spot at worlds with little trouble.

With Turtle, FlyQuest will continue to be a team with so much old talent and will probably look pretty strong. It may take some time for them to learn to play together well but when they do it will be exciting.

Teams I’ll be paying attention to will be CLG, TSM, C9, and FlyQuest. And I would love to see a rivalry finals between CLG and TSM.

But unfortunately without an upset the top 2 (C9 and TSM) will probably remain the top 2 (again I’m a TSM fan but I would like to see some variety in the LCS).

However, with the many meta shifts that have taken place since spring and I’m sure will continue to happen the split is going to be anyone’s game. Only time will tell who will be representing North America this

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