Brooklyn to Boston: the Celtics’ Options

Who will they draft?

Everyone knows the infamous trade that occurred years ago between the Brooklyn Nets and Boston Celtics.

Now, the NBA Draft Lottery has come and gone, and the Celtics have been paid.

Boston is set to take the number one overall pick in this year’s draft. Some options for a team that reached the Eastern Conference Finals:

Team Needs

After reaching the Eastern Conference Finals, it’s obvious the Celtics aren’t too far from success. Especially after their display of success without point guard Isaiah Thomas. 

The biggest weakness for Boston in their series with both Washington and Cleveland was rebounding. Center Al Horford found his stride offensively, but found no success on the glass. Among teams in the playoffs, the Celtics were ranked 14th out of sixteen teams in rebounding.

Now, Isaiah Thomas has stated to the press that he doesn’t plan on pushing a contract extension this season; so the team can afford a free agent prospect. Assuming they’ll search for their biggest weakness in an already veteran player, it still wouldn’t hurt to draft a young rebounding talent.


Markelle Fultz

Yes, Fultz is a point guard, but he’s projected as the number one overall pick. The Celtics have been consistently linked to him, so he makes the list.

In college, Markelle averaged (23.2) points, (5.9) assists, (5.7) rebounds, (1.2) blocks, and (1.7) steals per game. A well rounded player, it certainly wouldn’t hurt any team to draft the young Washington Huskie.

Though he is no star rebounder, Fultz excels in every stat, and is an extremely efficient shooter. I can certainly see why the Celtics have taken interest, just do not believe he is the best fit for their team needs.

Jayson Tatum

Rumored to be a top 3 prospect, Tatum fits the bill for Boston in this draft. At 6-8 and 205 pounds, his rebounding skill may be appealing to Boston. In his one season at Duke, he averaged (7.3) rebounds per game, and will serve as support to Al Horford in the pit. On, he’s listed as a “high level rebounder for a wing.”

Jayson is also considered a prolific wing scorer, after averaging (16.8) points while shooting (45%) from the field. Though they aren’t the worst scoring team in the league, this young forward would help spark points off the bench.

Additionally, Tatum will be a great defensive addition. With the Blue Devils, he averaged (1.3) steals, and (1.1) blocks per game.

In Conclusion

Though Markelle is the obvious pick, they would be wise to take a heavy look at other options. More so, they wouldn’t have to pick at number one to draft Tatum, making the option open to receiving an additional asset.

The Boston Celtics had an incredible season, and will no doubt be back in the running next year, should they make the right off-season acquisitions. Both Markelle Fultz and Jayson Tatum would aid the team’s efforts to bring a title back to Titletown.

All stats and information provided by ESPN,, and Featured image provided by Pinterest via Google Images.

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