Carmelo Anthony, Miami Heat?

Trade rumors swirling around New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony are at an all time high. Between the Clippers, Celtics, Heat, and Wizards only one makes sense.

My take on why Anthony should salvage his career, by accepting a trade to the Miami Heat.

Just a week ago, Miami announced they have officially parted ways with NBA champion Chris Bosh. His salary in comparison to Anthony’s hold a difference of just a couple million. With this space freed up, taking on his salary in Miami won’t be as big a hassle, and makes a lot of sense.

The Heat were the Cinderella story of the season. After starting 11-30, they finished the season on a hot streak, finishing at a perfect 41-41, and just missing the playoffs.

Dion Waiters developed into a score first confidence shooter, Hassan Whiteside is more dominant than ever, and Goran Dragic is still a top point guard in this league. Throw Carmelo Anthony into the mix, and you have a playoff contending team in the Eastern Conference.

Trade Possibilities

Now, as we’ve seen since the trade deadline, despite what Phil Jackson says about Anthony, they still consider his value high in this league. From Los Angeles, they demanded one of the big three (Chris Paul, Deandre Jordan, or Blake Griffin) in exchange for the ten time All Star, and talks never advanced.

What will it take from Miami to land Carmelo?

The Miami Heat are set to pick in this year’s draft at fourteen, and this pick will definitely be on the table, when it comes to a trade between parties. The Knicks are getting ready to rebuild the franchise around Latvian star Kristaps Porzingis, and could use more than one young player out of this loaded draft.

In addition, Miami will have to send one promising young guard, likely Josh Richardson, whose displayed athleticism and scoring potential. If not him, Tyler Johnson will also be considered. Set to make nearly twenty million after next season, unloading him on New York conserves their salary for the future.

Above all else, the Knicks are looking to add depth to the guard position this summer, and he’ll be a reliable play maker off the bench. Miami would likely send off forward Josh McRoberts as well, who’s looking at a six million player option this season. The more New York can get, the better. They won’t argue.

Why Does This Make Sense?

Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra are a tandem above most in this league, and run a championship caliber franchise. They’ve most recently taken to maximizing players true potential (see Dion Waiters and James Johnson), and could give Anthony’s career a reboot all the same.

A lineup of Dragic, Waiters, Winslow, Anthony, and Whiteside would be successful. Four players capable of shooting the deep ball, all five capable of scoring. 

The Heat are a young team, with potential to be deep playoff contenders in the very near future. Adding an on the wing scorer with (some) playoff experience through Anthony, will give them value they won’t find on the open market this summer.

Trading for Carmelo is a win now move for Miami. He doesn’t have much longer until he’ll be considered a futile addition for these teams, but for now, he elevates their chances of success.


Chris Paul is all but gone in LA, but what does that have to do with anything? Without Paul on the Clippers, Anthony’s chances of agreeing to a trade there are low. Making Miami the next top destination, where Pat Riley is infamous for chasing stars.

After this season, the Heat are win hungry now more than ever. They will weigh up their options, and if Carmelo is going to push them that much further, this trade will happen. The salary is there, though tight, but in this league you do what it takes to win.

I have no doubt Anthony would welcome a trade to Miami under the conditions. It all but guarantees him a ticket to next year’s playoffs, and down the road who knows? Maybe he’ll get a chance to play in the Finals.

In Conclusion

Carmelo Anthony, in his 14th NBA season, averaged (22.4) points, and (5.9) rebounds per game. One of the most prolific scorers of the generation, he is showing no signs of slowing down at age 33.

With New York desperate to rid of their franchise player, and Miami desperate to win, don’t be shocked to see Anthony in South Beach next season.

All stats and information provided by ESPN, and Featured image provided by The New Yorker via Google Images.


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