Tales from Free Agency: Blake Griffin

Where will he go?

The Los Angeles Clippers finished their season in the usual style, falling too early in the playoffs and injury ridden. After failing to reach the Western Conference Finals again, could Blake Griffin be ready to part ways with Lob City?

My take, on his potential destinations as a free agent:

The Oklahoma City Thunder

surprised the entire league this year, somehow making their way to a 6th seed finish in the Western Conference. Sure, they were knocked out of the post-season 1-4 to the Houston Rockets, but the fact they made playoffs is more than a lot of teams can say.

The departure of Kevin Durant, proved that a two-way forward alongside MVP candidate Russell Westbrook makes a big difference for this young team. If the Thunder move some pieces around, they can find the room to sign Griffin to the max contract he’s seeking (and deserves).

He’s injury prone, but his accomplishments when he’s on the court are enough to make OKC put that aside and spend the cash. I don’t think Blake is the best free agent fit for Westbrook, but I certainly won’t look down upon a contract agreement between these two parties. Watch for the Thunder to be one of many teams in pursuit of the former Slam Dunk Champion. 

The Boston Celtics

If their Conference Finals series with the Cleveland Cavaliers has proved anything, it’s that Boston is still one star away from contention. They currently sit 0-2 in the third round, but point guard Isaiah Thomas has been ruled out, and so has any further success.

Last summer, the Celtics signed center Al Horford, and thought he was the answer to their rebounding woes. He was not, and he’s their highest paid player on salary. With that in mind, the Celtics will look at someone who can score, but also add some rebounding help for Horford, who they’re likely stuck with for now.

Blake’s best option in free agency is likely with Boston. In this one season alone, they accomplished more than what he’s done with Chris Paul, and Deandre Jordan, through six seasons. Don’t be surprised if Griffin is in green next year.

The Los Angeles Clippers

Although fans and writers alike are sure he’s free agency bound, you can never predict basketball. Don’t rule the Clippers out, who originally drafted Griffin with the number one pick of the 2009 draft. Should Chris Paul walk, the money available for him in Los Angeles may be hard to decline.

In Conclusion

Boston, Los Angeles, and Oklahoma are just three of many teams expected to make a run at Blake this summer. After averaging: (21.6) points, (8.1) rebounds, and (4.9) assists in his seventh season, he could turn any team looking to contend in their desired direction.

All stats and information provided by ESPN, and the NBA. Featured image provided by NBA.com via Google Images.


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