Trusting the Process, and Free Agency

Is it time to really Trust the Process?

The Philadelphia 76ers were one of many comeback stories this season. They have lured fans all across the NBA into “trusting the process,” and that process may be close to yielding results.

With signs of being a young threat on the rise next year, could they lure some medium level free agents?

My take:

This Season

was huge. In 2015-2016, the 76ers recorded only ten wins, their lowest win percentage in at least 20 years. This season, with a partially healthy Joel Embiid, and star performance by Dario Saric, they climbed the charts. The 76ers went 28-54, their best record since 2013.

Many young players showed signs of potential, including the rise of young guard TJ McConnell, who hit a game winner over the New York Knicks. Both Embiid and Saric are finalist for the Rookie of the Year award, and the 76ers are set to pick 3rd overall in the 2017 Draft.

Things are looking up for Philadelphia, for the first year out in many. With that in mind, are there free agents that may learn to trust the process?

JJ Redick

The messenger of all rumors, Adrian Wojnarowski, mentioned earlier this week on a podcast that JJ would be a big target for Philadelphia this summer.

Redick is nearing the end of his career as a starter, and what better place to culminate such a shooting display, than mentoring young guys on the rise who desperately need some reliable shooting. The emergence of a healthy Ben Simmons, and Joel Embiid, may provide promise to JJ, who is rumored to be after a contract near the upwards of $20-million. 

The 76ers are going to be very active this summer, and certainly have more than enough cap space to sign Redick, should he be willing to take on the veteran role for a young, promising team.

Kyle Lowry

While adding Redick would be nice, the 76ers are in desperate need of a point guard. Bringing in a guy who can make plays around Simmons, Embiid, and Okafor, will turn this team around. Another 10-year veteran, Lowry is reportedly ready to leave Toronto, in hopes of earning a paycheck.

I mentioned before in this articleLowry’s ties to Philadelphia, and how likely his landing here truly is. A reliable scorer, and terrific ball handler, Kyle should be a top-priority free agent for Philadelphia, even if they draft a point guard at 3rd overall.

Derrick Rose

When all else fails, max out Derrick Rose. (I’m kidding.) However, the former MVP has shown signs of his past-intensity this season, as far as fluidity in playmaking, and ability to get inside the paint.

Rose is rumored to be seeking a max contract, and the Knicks won’t be able to offer that in the slightest. Should they resolve to not signing him, the 76ers could be a real contender in landing the injury prone guard. At a minimum, Philadelphia could draft a point guard such as De’Aaron Fox or Dennis Smith Jr., and let them learn from Derrick. 

I see positives in the 76ers aligning with Rose, but only in an ultimatum situation. With JJ Redick, and Kyle Lowry still available, they shouldn’t even answer his phone calls.

In Conclusion

The Philadelphia 76ers are in a great place, and this summer will be pivotal to their rebuilding efforts. Signing one of the previously mentioned free agents, and drafting a quality combo guard at third, may set them up for an 8th-seed chase.

All stats and information provided by ESPN, Philly Voice, and Featured image provided by CSN Philly via Google Images. 


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