Tales from Free Agency: JJ Redick

Where will he go?

Next on our list of upcoming free agents, a sharpshooting bucket dropper, and 10-year veteran, JJ RedickWith Chris Paul and Blake Griffin also facing free agency, Redick is expected to test the market, searching for a contract near $20-million. 

With that in mind, who are some teams that may take interest? My take:

The New York Knicks

will likely make a run at offering Redick a deal, and it makes absolutely no sense. The Knicks’ current shooting guard, Courtney Lee, is younger than the free agent. He’s a better defender, and holds better averages in (FG%/AST/REB/STL).

New York is in a dark state, and has recently taken to overpaying players for unneeded talent. In no way am I saying JJ would be bad for the Knicks, but you have to spend your money where you need it. If there are no plans to trade Lee , there is no need to sign Redick. 

The Boston Celtics 

are expected to take interest in the sharpshooter, should they not be able to sign other free agent, Gordon Hayward. Why does signing JJ make sense for Boston?

Redick is an excellent free agent target for anyone with a) the cap space, and b) looking to contend next season. Ideally, you should be both a and b. The Celtics will certainly have the cap space, and are currently playing in the Eastern Conference Finals, set to take the #1 pick in this summer’s NBA Draft.

Boston was dangerous this season, but realistically speaking, don’t have enough fire power to stop LeBron. Signing Redick not only adds three-point shooting and a reliable scorer, but furthers the depth of their backcourt, should they draft Markelle Fultz.

The San Antonio Spurs

haven’t been talked about enough in regards to this summer’s free agency suitors.

In my opinion, signing Redick to the Spurs makes the most sense, and here’s why.

San Antonio will fall to Golden State if Kawhi can’t recover by Game 3, but some would argue that they could have stood a chance with a healthier team. The Spurs are always in the midst of Finals talk, and rarely make heavy roster changes. However, with both Patty Mills (free agency) and Manu Ginobli (retirement) expected to leave, they will need guards.

JJ Redick would serve as the starting two for San Antonio, and could likely fill that role for two more years, thanks to conditioning. If Redick is looking over money signs, and ahead to a ring, San Antonio is the prime location.

The Los Angeles Clippers

It would be outright unintelligent to not think JJ will remain in Los Angeles. He’s nearing the end of his starting career, and may hold higher value to the Clippers.

If Chris Paul or Blake leave, or both, expect JJ to sign a max contract with Los Angeles. They will attempt to hold all remaining pieces of this team together, and I doubt he will object.

In Conclusion

This season, JJ Redick averaged: (15) points behind (43%) shooting from the three-point line. The kind of talent that makes a great team even better, he will surely earn his paycheck, come this summer.

All stats and information provided by ESPN and NBA.com. Featured image provided by CBS Sports via Google Images.

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