Washington Wizards: What’s Next?

The Wizards fell short to the Boston Celtics in Game 7, and have been eliminated from the playoffs, once again. With aims to hold a top 3 point guard on roster, and make a deeper post-season run, what’s on the to do list for them this summer?

Expiring Contracts

won’t be a big issue for this team, this year or the next. Marcin Gortat, John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Markieff Morris are all under contract until the end of the 2018-2019 season.

However, hanging on to that core is big, and as you noticed there’s only four players listed. Otto Porter Jr.,  one of the biggest contributors this year, has a qualifying offer for 7.7 million . After averaging: (13.4) points, shooting (43%) from the three, expect this young shooter to attract plenty of attention.

A once reliable scorer, Trey Burke hasn’t found his stride in Washington. Through three seasons in Utah, he averaged (12) points a game, but only (5) with the Wizards this year. He’s due for a qualifying offer as he was also a part of that 2013 rookie class. He’ll be a cheap option, and with the bench thinning out, they’ll look to resign him.

Free Agency

will be relatively insignificant for furthering their success. Locked up with Ian Mahinmi ‘s contract. Prior to the start of the season, Washington signed the backup center to a 4-year/64-million dollar deal.

The expensive purchase quickly unfolded, and not in their favor. An 8-year veteran, Mahinmi played only 31 games this year, his fewest since 2010. After having the best season of his career with Indiana last year, his stock has declined in a spiral.

It will be near impossible to trade him at this point, and he’s holding too much of their salary for a big free agent signing. This summer, look for the Wizards to shop for merely role players.

In Conclusion

The Washington Wizards are not far off from an Eastern Conference Finals appearance. Though with Milwaukee growing, and Boston not getting worse, it will be tough.

With the right roster adjustments, they can be at least right back where they finished next post-season. If not, the John Wall rumors shall commence.

All stats and information provided by ESPN and NBA.com. Featured image provided by Wiz of Awes via Google Images. 

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