NBA Mock Draft 2017

In anticipation of the draft, Cale and Collin give their top ten picks of the 2017 NBA Draft:

Disclaimer, these are mere predictions, and have the likelihood of being right/wrong. The NBA Draft Lottery will take place tomorrow.


Team: Cale: Collin:
Celtics  Markelle Fultz (PG) Markelle Fultz (PG)
Lakers Lonzo Ball (PG) Lonzo Ball (PG)
76ers Malik Monk (G) Jayson Tatum (F)
Suns  Jayson Tatum (F) Josh Jackson (F)
Kings Jonathon Isaac (F) Dennis Smith Jr. (PG)
Magic Josh Jackson (F) De’Aaron Fox (PG)
Timberwolves Frank Nitilkina (F) Jonathon Isaac (F)
Knicks De’Aaron Fox (PG) Malik Monk (G)
Mavericks  Dennis Smith Jr (PG) Frank Nitilkina (F)
Kings Zach Collins (C) Zach Collins (C)

1. Boston Celtics 

Cale: With how beloved IT has become in Boston, his future in Beantown is all but secured. If the C’s draft Fultz it might send some mixed messages, but I can see his play style working well with the players they have now. If the right deal isn’t there for Boston, Fultz will be wearing green.

Collin: I think the Celtics are taking Markelle Fultz here. Adding depth to their backcourt is going to help prepare them for a Finals run, especially with a dynamic all-around player such as Fultz.

2. Los Angeles Lakers

Cale: If this doesn’t happen I want to be in the room when Daddy Ball loses his mind.

Collin: It’s no mystery that the Lakers and Lonzo share mutual interest, and he’ll undoubtedly end up in Los Angeles. A defensive player and offensive play maker, Ball will fit in well with the youth in Laker land.

3. Philadelphia 76ers

Cale: With hopes of luring Kyle Lowry in during Free Agency, the Sixers are probably going to try and find a young player to slot in next to him. Monk can lay the one or two but with his abilities and the roster in Philly now, his production could mean a lot right away.

Collin: With the third pick, I think the 76ers take Tatum. A dynamic scoring option, he can defend nearly any position, anywhere on the court.I think they draft Tatum and place him at shooting guard. A lineup of Tatum, Simmons, Embiid, and Okafor, would brace them for an even better year than last season.

4. Phoenix Suns

Cale: With too many guards and confusion in the middle, the Suns need someone to step in and provide offense alongside Devin Booker. Tatum is the answer to their problems and if he can improve he might be the perfect running mate for D-Book.

Collin: I was on the fence for a while, but I think the Suns take Jackson here with pick four. They already have a surplus of guards, and desperately need a fill in at the three. In comparison to Tatum, I find Jackson more defensively capable, landing him in Phoenix.

5. Sacramento Kings


Cale: The Kings have a lot of needs to fill, but the most prominent one is at the Forward slot. Jonathan Isaac should not be their first option, but should he be their best pick, it isn’t a bad one.

Collin: Looking at a rebuilding season, the Kings likely take Dennis Smith Jr, a strong scoring point guard, and rid of Darren Collison. He’ll likely bring some life to this offense paired up with Buddy Hield in the backcourt.

6. Orlando Magic

Cale: The Magic have almost nothing going for them. Jackson falling to them this late would be great because of his versatility. They need to make major moves, but this draft pick could make or break the team’s future.

Collin: I think at pick six, the Magic are taking De’Aaron Fox, the next best point guard on the board.  A true facilitator of the ball, Fox will help the mess that is the Magic offense, and his athleticism will come in handy for defensive purposes.

7. Minnesota Timberwolves

Cale: Frank Nitilkina might not be the Power Forward the team is in desperate need of, but his production off the bench or as a potential LaVine replacement down the road might entice Minnesota to take a chance on him.

Collin: Jonathan Isaac can play a big role in Minnesota. With Rubio at point, this team could use a good power forward. At 6″11 and 205, I think Isaac will fit just fine. Another scoring option for Rubio to pass to, this will only make them more dangerous.

8. New York Knicks

Cale: Fox. If the Knicks want to instill any semblance of confidence in their team’s future and Fox is on the board for them at this pick then they have to take him.

Collin: As a Knicks fan, I wanna say they take Monk here at eight. De’Aaron Fox is a promising young guard, but I don’t see him being available for New York when their time comes. Malik Monk will add length, and a three-point shooter to pair with Porzingis.


9. Dallas Mavericks

Cale: The Mavs need to hope that one of the point guards in this draft is still on the board when they get on the clock. Dennis Smith Jr. is likely to be that player and they will gladly snatch him up.

Collin: The Mavericks are another team on the hunt for a point guard, and likely end up drafting Nitilkana here with number nine. It’s a risk/reward kind of pick, but this guard may prove to be worth the lottery pick.

10. Sacramento Kings (via New Orleans)

Cale: The Kings do not need another Center. But should the pieces fall how I expect them to, Collins is their best pick and could be a game changer in a few years.

Collin: With the tenth pick, the Kings take Collins here. After losing (or I suppose trading) big man DeMarcus Cousins, the Kings will look to place another big man next to Cauley-Stein to make up the rebounding hole left by Cousins.

In Conclusion

This is certainly one of the more loaded draft classes, and quality players will assuredly be found past ten.

Any thoughts?

Let us know if you agree/disagree.


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