Tales from Free Agency: Rudy Gay

Where will he go?

No one else is saying it, so I’m going to. Expect a comeback year from this ten-year veteran who suffered an Achilles injury last season. After the Kings missed their eleventh straight playoff berth, does Rudy Gay opt in, or out of his contract?

The Sacramento Kings gave it all up at the trade deadline and rid of their big man DeMarcus Cousins in what was one of the worst trades I’ve personally ever seen. Now, they are expected to begin rebuilding.

Ben McLemore, Buddy Hield, Rudy Gay, Tyreke Evans, and Willie Cauley-Stein? I’m not sure where that will take them. With a look at what’s to come, Rudy very well may opt out and jump ship before it sinks. If he does, my thoughts on (the many) team’s that may take interest:

The Miami Heat

had an incredible season, going (30-11) after falling to 11-30. THE comeback story of the season, they earned even more rights as a top free agent destination.

That being said, they’ll be looking to add a forward into the mix with Dragic, Waiters, Winslow, and Whiteside. For the price, Rudy may be exactly what they need. Expect Miami to push hard for Rudy, should he opt out.

The Boston Celtics

have likely a fifty-fifty chance at pursuing Rudy, and it will depend on other off-season moves. If they can find a way to rid of Jae Crowder, and land a better center, they’ll make a big push for Gay.

I know that sounds very specific, but the Celtics have priorities. They’ve shown interest in him before, which leads me to believe they’ll try again, should the stars align among the rest of the roster.

The Oklahoma City Thunder

are likely the only team that will pay Rudy the same as Sacramento. They have an excess of cash, with no idea how to spend it, and may sign him to more than a season. After finishing as the six seed, and falling in Round 1, the Thunder showed they’re on the up and coming.

I’m not saying Gay will fill the huge hole left by Durant, but he’s certainly better (offensively) than Roberson who may be leaving anyways. An on-the-wing scorer, Rudy would be a reliable scorer for OKC, something they desperately need.

The Sacramento Kings

certainly would love to keep Rudy, their best player on roster besides Hield. Pros to signing with the Kings mean getting a guaranteed $14.3 million . However, being faced with remaining apart of the chaotic show that is Sacramento, may lead him elsewhere.

In Conclusion

Despite popular belief, this man’s ball days are not over. Last season, though it was only thirty games, Rudy averaged (18.7) points, (6.3) rebounds, and shot (46%) from the field.

In the last nine years of his career, Gay has averaged at least (17) points a game every year. If nothing else, signing him earns you a reliable scoring option. Anticipate many rumors to begin swirling around him, from many different places.

All stats and information provided by ESPN and NBA.com. Featured image provided by Bleacher Report via Google Images. 


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