Conference Finals: Cavaliers Options

Who’s the favorable match up?

The Cleveland Cavaliers pulled off another series sweep, this time over the Toronto Raptors. Now, they will either face Boston or Washington in the Conference Finals. In hopes of transcending to the Finals once more, who’s the choice match up for LeBron and the Cavs?

The Boston Celtics 

can certainly compete with Cleveland, but at the end of the day, don’t have the firepower to come out on top. Their series with the Bulls showed us a couple things, but more importantly how vulnerable they are in the paint. 

In the playoffs, LeBron is shooting (66%) in the paint, and that’s going to be a big problem for Boston. They simply have no one that can slow him down, let alone stop him. In the regular season, the Celtics are (1-3) against Cleveland. I have no doubt the Celtics can stretch the series to five or six games, but no further.

The Washington Wizards

will prove to be the most capable at upsetting the Cavaliers. John Wall is making his case for top point guard in the East, and this series will only secure that. Bradley Beal and Otto Porter have had hot hands, averaging (35) points a game combined. Wall has recorded ten straight games with at least (20) points and (7) assists, and six of those were double-doubles.

Out of three games, the Wizards won only one, but each game was decided by an average of (9) points. In their most recent matchup, Washington prevailed in Cleveland 127-115. Against them John Wall is averaging (28) points and (9) assists a game, he plays well to say the least.

In Conclusion

To beat the Cavaliers, you need two things; on the wing defense, and an offensive presence in the paint. Washington stretches the floor well defensively,  and Gortat and Wall rule the paint. The Cleveland Cavaliers will be resting until these boys finish up, and they’ll assuredly be rooting for Boston.

All stats and information provided by ESPN and Featured image provided by SB Nation via Google Images.


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