The Season’s Top Performances

Who put on the biggest show?

This year, the NBA is hosting an award show. In addition to MVP, MIP, ROY, DPOY, and COY, the fans will get a say in various other accolades. This includes the best performance (game) from the 2016-2017 NBA season. Before you vote, I ranked my top five, in hopes of reminding you of all the buckets dropped this year:

*If you click on the name of each player, I have linked full highlights of their performance*

5. Carmelo Anthony vs the Atlanta Hawks

This game was special for a lot of reasons. The match held out to four overtimes, lasting almost four hours! For the Knicks, it was their first quadruple overtime game since 1951, and the Hawks first since 2012. A look at his stat line:

MIN 46
PTS 45
FG% 18-36(50%)
FT% 6-7(86%)
3P% 3-9(33%)

This was Carmelo’s first (45-point) game since November 11th, 2014 against the Utah Jazz. As prolific a scorer as he is, it was a fantastic performance by the 15-year veteran.

4. Yogi Ferrell vs the Portland Trailblazers

Six days prior to the Mavericks match up with Portland, Yogi Ferrell was playing in the D-League. Then, in a historical style, Ferrell dropped 32 points in a win over the Trailblazers, including a go-ahead three-point dagger with 19 seconds left in regulation.

MIN 32
PTS 32
FG% 11-17(65%)
FT% 1-2
3P% 9-11(82%)

This an extraordinary stat line for someone coming straight from the D-League to the big show. (32) points were the most scored by a player in their first fifteen games since Blake Griffin dropped 44 in 2010. Even at the end of the season, it’s the most three-pointers he’s scored, and points as well. This performance earned him a two-year contract with Dallas for the league minimum.

3. Russell Westbrook vs the Denver Nuggets

This game was monstrous, historical, and awe-inspiring for more than just stuffing the stat sheet. For only the second time in NBA history, a player in the league finished a full season with a triple-double average. In the Thunder’s season finale with the Denver Nuggets, Russell Westbrook broke the record for most triple-doubles in a season by earning his 42nd.

MIN 37
PTS 50
AST 10
REB 16
FG% 17-32(53%)
FT% 11-11
3P% 5-12(42%)

To cap off the record breaking, Westbrook scored his 50th point on a buzzer beater three (from the parking lot), to knock the Denver Nuggets out of playoff contention, and win the game. Mr.Triple Double certainly put on a show a couple times this season, but the ending to his journey was by far most exciting.

2. Devin Booker vs the Boston Celtics

The Phoenix Suns had nothing less than another rough season, and sophomore Devin Booker gave fans something to smile about. Prior to this game against Boston, the most points scored by the young guard was (23). In what would go on to be the most points scored in a game this season, Devin Booker scored (70) points, including (28) in the fourth.

MIN 45
PTS 70
FG% 21-40(52%)
FT% 24-26(92%)
3P% 4-11(36%)

Booker set many records that night in March. This includes: the franchise record for most points in a game, the first player to drop (70) since Kobe Bryant in 2006, and he became the first player to score at least (60) before scoring (40). With this performance, Booker secured his place in league history, placing him at spot two on my list.

1. Klay Thompson vs the Indiana Pacers

We’ve seen the Golden State Warriors drop (37) in a quarter before, but this tops even that. In just 29 minutes of play, Klay Thompson scored a scorching hot (60) points. He would go on to rest the fourth quarter, and I think that alone speaks volumes:

MIN 29
PTS 60
FG% 21-33(64%)
FT% 10-11(91%)
3P% 8-14(57%)

Klay’s sixty-point performance assured us even further that he may be the most dynamic scorer in this league. He is the first to accomplish such a scoring feat in less than 30 minutes in the shot clock era. Thompson set a new career-high, and set us up for a highlight reel to watch for years to come.

All stats and information provided by ESPN and Featured image provided by ESPN via Google Images. 

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