Tales from Free Agency: Kyle Lowry

Where will he go?

Kyle Lowry announced earlier today that he is doubtful for Game 4 against the Cavaliers come Sunday afternoon. With that being said, we may have seen Lowry play his last game in this uniform.

A three-time NBA All Star, and 10-year veteran in this league, Lowry will gauge interest among teams without a point guard presence. My thoughts, on teams that will pursue:

The Milwaukee Bucks

are likely going to be the most active team on the hunt for a point guard. Malcolm Brogdon had a great rookie season, and came up big for them in many games. However, for his sophomore season, it’s more probable he’ll be leading the second unit.

Lowry would be a great fit for the Bucks, and they certainly have the cap space to sign him to a reasonable two-year deal. Giannis has done well running the offense, but they would prosper with a real point guard pushing the ball down the floor.

The Bucks chances in this situation depend highly on what this free agent is looking for. If Lowry is looking to get maxed out, the Bucks won’t be able to manage. If he’s “ring-chasing,” it looks better for Milwaukee.

The Philadelphia 76ers

are moving in the shadows, and a lot of teams have forgotten how well they were this season. They have more cash than they can spend, and would be in a good place to sign him to a max contract.

Fact, Lowry is actually from Philadelphia, and may look highly on a homecoming. It’s where he played his college ball, and the city loved him. On top of that, Jerry Colangelo is the head executive in Philadelphia, and was behind the trade that brought Lowry to Toronto years ago.

The 76ers are growing, and are on a road back to relevancy. Joel Embiid, a healthy Ben Simmons, Dario Saric, and Jahlil Okafor. After a high draft pick, and big free agent, they may find themselves back in the chase for a playoff push.

The Toronto Raptors

are not just going to give up one half of their franchise backcourt. Lowry has brought great things to Toronto, including playoff experience. (Before Lowry was traded to Toronto, they had only gone to the playoffs once in franchise history).

However, when Lowry declines his player option (as he is expected to), that will take his value from $12-million/year to roughly $30-millon. The Raptors will not be able to offer him a max-contract, and it may prove to be the deal breaker.

In Conclusion 

Kyle is a great point-guard, and averaged (22.4) points, (7) assists, and (4.8) rebounds a game this season. Expect him to take some time considering where to sign, for what may be the last major deal of his career.

All stats and information provided by ESPN and NBA.com. Featured image provided by Tip of the Tower via Google Images.


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