Milwaukee Bucks: What’s Next?

What awaits the Bucks in the off-season?

The Milwaukee Bucks had a fantastic season, but fell out of the playoffs in the first round to the Toronto Raptors. Most would say Milwaukee stands a better chance against Cleveland, but maybe losing to Toronto shows they’re not ready just yet.

What can administration and the coaching staff do to get prepare them for a further playoff mount?

Problem at the Point

For years, the Bucks’ main problem has been the lack of a true point guard. Giannis has learned to handle the ball and run the offense. But it brings them short of their true potential, in comparison to having a real point guard.

This year’s free agency will feature plenty, it would be wise of the front office to call upon any of these guys:

Jrue Holiday– a seven-year veteran, Holiday would be the perfect fit for Milwaukee. A true competitor, Holiday excels at guarding both the one and two, and is a reliable scorer from both mid-range and the three.

Kyle Lowry– has a player option on his contract with the Raptors, and may be on his way out. He had a career year, averaging (22.4) points, (7) assists, and (4.8) rebounds. He’s not the best three-point shooter, but Lowry would help with the fluidity of the offense.

Derrick Rose- I know Milwaukee fans, it’s not the sexiest option. However, no one can deny Derrick’s ability to stretch the floor, and his fast break playmaking. I assure you, the Bucks would be better off with than without Derrick. He’s on a rebound, and this year was only the beginning.

Excess in Assets

No I’m not talking a Celtics level of excess, but the Bucks do have quite a few big men. Greg Monroe, John Henson, Spencer Hawes, and Thon Maker. They could certainly rid of one of them, preferably Henson.

In earlier years, Henson was a huge part of the Bucks success, averaging  (11.1points, (7.1) rebounds, and (1.7) blocks a game in 2013-2014. His performance that year is why he’s taking up 30 million of the salary over the next three years. This year however, he’s averaged nearly half that, and in only (19) minutes a game. He isn’t producing outside a starting role, which brings me to my next point.

Greg Monroe has a player option on his contract. Nothing is suggesting that Greg is ready to leave, but his playoff performance will likely earn him some phone calls. Should Monroe decline his player option and sign somewhere else, you absolutely have to move Henson to the starting spot, and hope he gets back to productivity.

In Conclusion

I don’t think that Milwaukee is far off from an Eastern Conference Finals appearance, especially taking into account their loss of Jabari Parker this year. If they can manage to rid of one big man and sign a real point guard, I myself will even fear the deer.

All stats and information provided by ESPN,, and Hoops Hype. Featured image provided by  Basketball Insiders via Google Images. 

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