Big Baller Bust?

What is this guy thinking?

The LaVar Ball media show continues, and this time it’s even worse. Big Baller Brand had promised us big news on Thursday, and they sort of delivered. Lonzo Ball’s first shoe is out. It’s not Nike, it’s not Under Armour, it’s not Adidas; but it is $495. 

Here’s an image of the new Big Baller Brand shoe, the ZO2 Wet:


Now, they don’t look terrible, they appear rather comfortable actually. As much as I dislike the Ball media nonsense, I’d be okay with dropping $200 on these shoes. However, five-hundred? That’s more expensive than any Jordan sneaker to ever be released. This man needs to be drug tested.

Here’s his defense for the shoe’s price:

“I figure that’s what the shoe’s worth. When you are your own owner, you can come up with any price you want.”

LaVar also had a message for those complaining that the show was too expensive, or not worth the sticker price:

The people that are complaining are the ones who can’t get the shoe and don’t want the shoe and that’s fine because there are a lot of people out here that want the shoe and can get the shoe.”

The original announcement was met with something further than criticism. Twitter took to his shoe like a bully on the playground:

Needless to say, Big Baller Brand is attempting some rather interesting but likely successful marketing strategy. Rob Perez put it best on the latest Buckets skit:

A year ago today, no one knew who Lonzo and LaVar Ball were, now the whole Internet does.”

Without a doubt, they’ve expanded their name all over the market. I don’t know if that means everyone is getting a pair of Balls for Christmas, but they might just be on the wishlist.

All stats and information provided by Twitter, Bleacher Report, and ESPN. Featured image provided by Business Insider via Google Images. 

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