Tales from Free Agency: Jrue Holiday

Jrue Holiday is due to be a free agent.

The New Orleans Pelicans finished (34-48) , and 10th in the Western Conference. Despite adding star center DeMarcus Cousins, they fell short of the playoffs yet again. Jrue Holiday, their starting point guard is due to be a free agent.

My thoughts, on the former NBA All Star’s free agency options:

In the 2016-2017 season, Holiday averaged: (15.4) points, (7.4) assists, and (1.5) steals per game. Among the league, he ranks (8th) in assists per game.

The New Orleans Pelicans

haven’t ruled out resigning the point guard, and may offer him the max. When Holiday played for the 76ers, he was a great two-way guard. But in recent years, injury has held him back, and the Pelicans may not want to take the risk.

Holiday has also been apart of the Pelicans success at times, and has worked his way back from injury, only missing fifteen games this season. If administration feels comfortable building off the current roster, expect an attempt to keep Holiday in New Orleans.

The New York Knicks

need a point guard, more than anything. Should they not care to draft one with their top ten pick, they will likely inquire on Holiday’s status. Jackson has held interest in the guard before, but couldn’t come to terms with his salary desires. Now, facing a make or break season, the Knicks may gave in, and offer him the payday he deserves.

Adding Holiday would be a step towards fixing New York’s biggest issue. No not the infamous triangle debate, but their ridiculous lack of a defense. Adept in guarding isolation, he ranks among the best guards (Beverly, Paul) in defensive rating per minute.

The Milwaukee Bucks

have also faced point guard trouble in recent years. Giannis is progressing as a ball handler, but adding a real point guard would make them deadly. Prior to the start of the season, Milwaukee had talked to New Orleans about a Greg Monroe for Jrue Holiday swap, but they didn’t advance.

The Greek Freak handles the ball well, but Holiday would provide another layer of playmaking, and really fuel the offense. Malcolm Brogdon has been great, and Dellavadova has offered veteran insight, but they need more athleticism, and a reliable scorer at the point.

In Conclusion

It’s not likely the Knicks would be able to afford Holiday, unless they find a way to dump Noah’s contract and move money around. Milwaukee has the money, and has shown prior interest in Holiday. However, he may very well prefer to remain with the Pelicans, starting a season off fresh with their newly acquired center.

Uncle Jrue is a distinguished point guard in this league, and will have plenty of options to look at regarding his free agency.

All stats and information provided by ESPN, NBA.com, and Behind the Bucks Pass. Featured image provided by Pro Basketball Talk via Google Images.

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