Sith or Jedi? Today’s NBA Stars

The force or the dark side?

A long, long time ago, in a league far away. Players across the NBA formed alliances in preparation for war, between the force and the dark side. Where does your favorite player stand?

LeBron James, Sith

Emperor James is a fan favorite, and rules the league from Cleveland to Toronto. After departing from the Cavaliers to the Heat with bad intentions, he returned to Cleveland and brought them a championship. However, be wary of his true intentions, as he took upon a protege in young Jedi Dwyane Wade, and taught him the ways of a true Sith Lord.

Steph Curry, Jedi

Jedi Master Curry has been the only one brave enough to stand tall against Emperor James, and took his title back in 2015. Leader of the Jedi, his power stretches from California to New Orleans. As we speak, he is preparing the republic for another strike at the Sith Lord.

Chris Paul, Jedi

Time and time again Jedi Paul has attempted a mount at the Sith. However, it has been to no avail, and he has seen little success. After defeat and defeat, rumor among the league is that this Jedi may be deferring to the dark side this summer.

Dwyane Wade, Sith

A once strong Jedi, Darth Wader became obsessed with the powers of the dark side, revealed to him by Emperor James. Betraying even those closest to him (*Gabrielle*), he departed his long-time home on planet Miami in the search for more power in the land of Chicago.

Kevin Durant, Sith Spy

Durant, was once a great Jedi, fighting alongside Westbrook the bravest Jedi that ever was. However, as easily as signing a contract, Durant was converted to the dark side, but this remains secret among the Republic. Claiming to be fighting for the good in overpowering Emperor James, there are some who think his intentions have yet to prove true.

Russell Westbrook, Jedi

After being betrayed by the now Sith spy Durant, Jedi Westbrook took it upon himself to carry the Oklahoma sector of the Republic into war as far as they were capable. He accomplished much on his journey, earning the title of Master Triple Double, but it was all in vain. Some say his lust for war was his outdoing.

Kawhibacca, Wookie

A brave fighter who shows no emotion, Kawhibacca has accompanied his friend Manu Solo and the Jedi on many attempts at thwarting the Emperor’s plans. His actions have proved valiant, as he earned Rookie of the Year in his first bout with James, which was a victory among the highest.

Kobe, Master of the Jedi

A true Jedi warrior, Kobe was defeated not in battle with the dark side, but an everlasting match with time. The strongest Jedi that ever was, and truly one with the force, he lead the Republic to best the Empire in five hard fought wars. Though he was old, he was also wise. With knowledge of his approaching death, he passed along his knowledge to a young Jedi, whose story lies below.

Isaiah Thomas, Jedi

A true Jedi, this young guard has found comfort in the force through grief and despair. Trained by the great but fallen Kobe, he has embraced the Mamba Mentality, an ancient Jedi technique. Organizing his troops in the Northern land of Boston, word has it among the Republic that he’s rallying a war effort against the Empire himself. With the Emperor James growing stronger each day, it appears the this young Jedi may be the only hope.

May the 4th be with you.

Featured image provided by Geek Tyrant via Google Images. 

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