Hope for the Future

Knicks fans, don’t fear. Times now may be bleak, but the future is bright.

The New York Knicks did not have a great season, and finished (31-51) , 12th in the Eastern Conference. After missing the playoffs for the fourth straight season, fans are growing uneasy by the second. Personally, I think it’s a little early to give up on New York.

The Carmelo Confusion

Carmelo Anthony has been the best and worst thing for New York in recent years. He’s been called a ball hog, yet prolific scorer in this league time and time again. That being said, word around the league is that he will not be in a Knicks uniform next season.

If he’s not, awesome. Dropping his contract will free upwards of $21 million in salary, and help relieve the tension from Noah’s contract. That kind of room can certainly by you more than a couple role player free agents, and without Carmelo, Porzingis will be free to run this offense.

Should Carmelo stay, it’s no reason for frustration. It seems Phil Jackson is staying put, as the franchise exercised his option for another season. So, you’ll certainly still hear the franchise player slander from the franchise president. Regardless, Carmelo is Carmelo, and he’s still as good as ever. Keeping your leading scorer on roster isn’t the worst thing, and his presence will likely help bring in free agents.

The Draft 

The Knicks lost the coin toss with Minnesota, so their draft pick will likely fall between (1-3) or (7-10). This year’s draft is loaded, and De’Aaron Fox may likely fall into their hands, a very capable point guard and playmaker. Adding young talent to this team is necessary, and will help to raise Porzingis’ game play.

On the other hand, this draft pick, should it fall in an attractive spot, could theoretically help them rid of Noah’s contract. Jackson is infamous for giving away Knicks draft picks. Pairing a top pick with a sub par center isn’t an unheard of package, and the Knicks need to drop Noah badly. Willy Hernangomez is an up and coming talent that can fill the center position for years to come on a cheap contract.

In Conclusion

It’s not much, I know. But the Knicks have reached a hard fork in the road, and desperately need to trust the GPS. I would argue that nothing can be achieved with both Carmelo and Noah on roster, as they’re hogging too much of the salary cap. If New York can rid of one of the two, land a high draft pick, and let Kristaps be Porzingod, they just may figure this basketball thing out.

In other words, don’t jump ship just yet. Though instead of round trip, I’d buy a one-way ticket, just to err on the side of caution.

All stats and information provided by ESPN and NBA.com.

Featured image provided by Ticket Crusader via Google Images. 

You’re welcome Cullen. 

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