Tales from Free Agency: Rose Returns?

Sunday night, the Chicago Bulls took on the Boston Celtics at home in the United Arena. Former point guard Derrick Rose was seen in the stands, for the first time since being traded to New York. He received a standing ovation, and even had a short chat with franchise owner Jerry Reinsdorf.

Derrick Rose will be entering free agency this summer.

Should the Bulls consider resigning their former MVP? My take:

A Max Contract

isn’t on the table. For there are certain benefits for Derrick himself, should he return to Chicago:

  • the fan base and city love him.
  • his family lives in Chicago.
  • he won’t have to take an airplane when he skips games to go home.

Okay, the last one was a little silly. But in all reality, Derrick would likely accept way less than the max when considering a chance to play for the Bulls again. Remember, it wasn’t Rose who made the decision to leave. He was traded by the same front office who thought so highly of pairing Rondo/Butler/Wade.

On top of all this, he’d be wise to accept any offer from the Bulls. I don’t foresee any team in the league offering him a max contract.

Jimmy Butler and Dwayne Wade

are great players, who both want to make a run at the Finals.

Jimmy and Derrick are already familiar, and ran a strong offense once Butler broke out into stardom (2014-2016). If you need any more persuading, he can’t possibly play any worse than Rondo. From 2014 on, the Bulls recorded a 65-51 record when both Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose played. I don’t know whose to blame, but someone didn’t give these two stars enough time to play together.

Wade has a player option for the next season as a part of his contract. They’re going to need to sign a couple agents to help convince him that a championship run is still in their sights. I’m not saying bringing Derrick back to Chicago will fully convince Dwayne, nor will it bring this franchise a championship. However, it’s a start back toward the right direction.

Do it for the Fans,

who have been growing more and more unsettled since his departure. The direction of this year’s Bulls team has been nothing short of chaotic,and this is a franchise based off prominence.

The drama in the locker room, and coaching tactics of Fred Hoiberg, have raised red flags throughout the #BullsNation fanbase. You can’t deny that the fans love Rose, and signing him in the off season would help to appease their growing discontent.

In Conclusion

I believe signing Derrick Rose is a very viable option for the Chicago Bulls. Michael Carter Williams, Isaiah Canaan, and Denzel Valentine simply do not serve as proper backup guards. Pushing Rondo to the second rotation and letting Rose run the starting offense sounds like playoff depth at it’s finest.

It makes sense for the Bulls, the fans, Derrick, and everyone’s bank accounts. I see red, and Derrick Rose is donning it again next season.

All stats and information provided by ESPN and NBA.com. Featured image provided by SLAMonline via Google Images.


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