The Return of Rajon ?

The Chicago Bulls, who finished as the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference, have taken a 2-0 lead on the Boston Celtics (who finished at the 1 spot). A lot of the plays that lead them here, were sparked by a man known by many teams. Yes, Rajon Rondo is in playoff mode, and he’s giving his former team flashbacks.

The Chicago Bulls signed free agents Rajon Rondo and Dwayne Wade, in hopes of forming a super team. What they actually formed was everything but. From the front office to coaching, to the locker room. This season has been nothing but chaos and drama. Now, Bulls fans have been reignited. Chicago made the playoffs in a breakneck race with Miami, and they’re here to play.

The Celtics fell to the Bulls in Game 1, which was all but expected. Isaiah Thomas elected to play Game 1 after the tragic loss of his younger sister, Chyna. He looked great on the floor and finished with (33) points, but you can’t tell with these things. Nonetheless, the Bulls took the first match, 111-97, and Rondo was brilliant. He made plays, landed dimes, even though he was limited to only (27) minutes.

Fast forward to Game 2. Isaiah is (somewhat) refreshed, and the Bulls are expecting a heavy response from the blowout two nights prior. They get everything but. Fresh out the gate, it was the Rajon Rondo show. He collected: (8) points, (7) rebounds, and (9) assists!

Rajon would go on to finish the night with (11) points, (14) assists, (9) rebounds, and (5) steals! Surprise, surprise, he’s the first to do it since…Rajon Rondo back in 2012. All signs are pointing to a recent chemistry development, as Jimmy Butler stuffed the sheet as well: (22) points, (8) rebounds, (8) assists, and (4) steals. Even Dwayne Wade was back to his old tricks, landing alley oops with a quickness about him. The TNT Bulls as they are widely known on Twitter, are one of the best teams we’ve seen all season. The Boston Celtics have fallen to the Bulls twice at home now, and the two teams are headed to Chicago. I will note the last 8 seed to upset the top of the totem pole was the Memphis Grizzlies over the Spurs back in 2011.

Hear ye, hear ye. When Rajon Rondo gets cooking, the outcome is inevitable.

All stats and information provided by ESPN and Featured image provided by Hoops Habit via Google Images.

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