Takeaways from Warriors/Blazers Game 1

Key takeaways from this first round series.

The Portland Trailblazers went into their first round series against the Warriors as always, not favored underdogs. Despite putting on a fireworks shooting performance in the first half, they fell to Golden State 121-109. Below, I listed some key takeaways and solutions for the huge problem that call themselves the Golden State Warriors:

Jusuf Nurkic

has missed the last eight games for the Trailblazers. In the last seven games he played prior to injury, he recorded double-doubles in six of them. In the last month of the regular season Nurkic averaged: 15.8 points, 11 rebounds, and 2.1 blocks a game! It would have been all but too convenient should he have played a game with his new team versus the Warriors, but the schedule wouldn’t allow it.

Zaza Pachulia and JaVale McGee are par centers on their best nights. Anyone you insert into the Warriors lineup is going to be wide open for lobs, rebounds, etc. Placing a young shot blocking center in his prime up against this Warriors team ensures a different outcome.

Stick to the Plan

regarding lineups and defensive strategy. Evan Turner, though he has not played great this year, had a game tonight in one of his twelve starts this season. Early on he was great when faced with guarding Durant, and even ended the night with ten rebounds. CJ McCollum’s offensive efforts will be the main highlight in Blazers’ news, but he was arguably the best defender on the floor.

Portland’s defensive effort was better than Golden State, without a doubt. But when shorthanded teams run out of gas, they run out of gas.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson

are an inferior back court in this match up. Combined, the two guards shot 15-35 (43%), so they were missing over half their shots. They are not invincible, and haven’t been playing well under pressure as of late. The “Splash Brothers” only connected on four threes out of fourteen attempts, which is 29%.

I would advise the same level of energy regarding Curry and Thompson, but it seems the Warriors always find a way. There will be some output of uncanny offensive outbursts, whether it’s the guards, the forwards, or even the centers.

In Conclusion

the Portland Trailblazers can win this series, as outlandish as it sounds. An overwhelming and zealous effort will be imperative, but when have Damian and CJ given us any less?

As a wise man once said,

“Blazers in 6.”


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