Carmelo, Option for the Lakers?

Carmelo to Los Angeles?

On a local LA radio show, Magic Johnson the current president of operations for the Lakers, rumored to a new addition for the franchise:

“The Lakers have always had a superstar, and that’s what we’re going to try and bring in here.”

The Los Angeles Lakers have gone 54-162 in their previous three seasons. Management know it’s time to implement some force in salvaging one of the greatest NBA franchises. On February 21st of this year Magic Johnson, a former Lakers great, was named President of Basketball Operations for the team. Faced with this strenuous task, Johnson has been featured on local radio stations and press conferences, promising nothing less than better days.

This off season doesn’t feature too many realistic options for the Lakers. As far as big names go, Gordon Hayward and Paul Millsap will both feature player options on their contracts. Though it’s been stated by personnel close to both teams that both players are looking for a championship destination, which I’d say the Lakers are far from.

One big name that comes to mind, is a star forward who’s running out of time, with an administration desperate to drop his contract. If the title didn’t give it away, surprise, it’s Carmelo Anthony. The Lakers don’t have much to offer, and fortunately, the Knicks aren’t getting greedy in regards to Carmelo. Take into account his prior interest in playing for LA, Magic’s distaste for Phil (or rather his managing methods), and boom it’s a real possibility.

Image result for d'angelo russell and luol deng

The New York Knicks require two things in a trade for Carmelo; a point guard, and someone to fill the three spot in his absence. D’Angelo Russell comes to mind, a young guard whose potential hasn’t truly revealed itself. Pair him with someone expensive but useless like Luol Deng, and a trade may be forming. Here’s some pretext as to why Magic should even consider making the trade for Anthony:

  • Carmelo Anthony will be the most affordable star on the market.
  • After playing thirteen seasons, he’s a steadfast veteran, something the Lakers really need.
  • These Lakers fans have been through a lot these past seasons. Adding a big name like Carmelo will at a minimum appease any growing concern.

Magic Johnson should have called about Jackson’s least favorite player months ago at the deadline. However he can still right his wrong by trading for Carmelo, before the next season of The Lost Angeles Lakers airs.

All stats and information provided by ESPN, Hoops Hype, and Featured image provided by The Inquisitir via Google Images. 

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