NA LCS Quaterfinals Recap

This past weekend marked the completion of the quarterfinals for the North American LCS spring playoffs.

In this, the teams that earned 4th -6th place during the regular season competed to earn a spot in the semifinals against the first seed Team Solo Mid and the second seed Cloud 9. Team Dignitas competed against Phoenix 1 and Count Logic Gaming faced off against FlyQuest.

The first match between Dignitas and P1when about as well for Dignitas as you’d expect. P1 came out strong from the start and swept them in a 3-0 series leaving Dignitas behind.

P1 has shown time and time again that they are a formidable team (if getting 3rd in their first season wasn’t enough) and they showed that again with the only clean sweep thus far in the playoffs.

As for Team Dignitas, they will be going home for now, but they will return for a chance at redemption in the summer split.

The second match of the quarterfinals however, didn’t go as many expected. CLG started off strong coming out of the gate winning the first two games of the series. But then things went horribly wrong for CLG.

Their opponents FlyQuest came of the second game ready to play and showed it by winning the match with a reverse sweep making the final score 3-2 FlyQuest. Though I will say that CLG has certainly not been playing as well as they have in the past but this was unexpected.

In previous splits where CLG seemed to fall short in the regular season they have picked up the slack and performed very well in playoffs, but that just wasn’t the case this split. However much like Dignitas they will have a chance in the summer to show that they can perform when it matters.

This weekend is the semifinals. Meaning C9 will face off against P1 and TSM against FlyQuest. And though I had hoped to see the rivalry of TSM vs CLG I’m sure both games will hold plenty of excitement.

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