2GG Civil War: Crew Battle Wrap Up

If you want to watch the event before you read my wrap up of the article, here is the full event as seen on the 2GG YouTube channel. 

Going into the crew battle portion of the 2GG Civil War, many people though Team ZeRo would take it in a landslide. Looking back, it was an amazing feat for Team Ally to come as close as they did and it was an amazing showcase for some of the biggest names in the competitive scene.

It was a little bit of a shock for the event to start with two heavy hitters right off the bat, but Team ZeRo led with their captain, TSM ZeRo, and in response, Team Ally sent in one of their big guns in the form of RNG Dabuz. It was a close set and for the majority of the first few stocks, the event was a three-stock tournament, Dabuz seemed to be in charge, but ZeRo came in late to pull off the victory 3-2 with a single stock remaining in the Diddy Kong/Rosalina showdown.

The general thought in the chat at the time was ZeRo would be able to take at least a stock off whoever came in next so they could keep the lead, but that notion was squashed when Cloud9 Ally, the captain of Team Ally, stepped onto the stage and knocked out his fellow captain in their classic Mario vs Diddy battle.

NRG Nairo was the next up for Team ZeRo as he brought out the first Zero Suit Samus of the event and managed to take two stocks from Captain Canada before being brought down by the mighty Italian plumber. This gave Team Ally a single stock lead that would continue for most of the battle.

In response to the one stock holder Ally, Team ZeRo sent up one of their wildcard players in Trela. The wandering warrior stepped onto the big stage and traded stocks with Ally as they maintained their lead.

EG Zinoto emerged as Team Ally’s next contestant, putting Trela’s Ryu away with his Diddy 2-1 and building the lead for his crew.

The homecourt hero 2GG Ranai rode in on a shining Gyroid to battle Zinoto. His Villager took the final two stocks off Zinoto’s Diddy and lost only one in a match that featured a lot of zoning and slingshots.

It was a battle for Japan in the next match, LG Abadango stepped up with his Mewtwo, hoping to outzone Ranai and keep his teams lead. He managed to take both of Ranai’s stocks, but lost two of his own. It was a surprise to see Ranai lose that one as he controlled the momentum for most of the fight.

CLG Void jumped out for Team ZeRo and cleaned up an easy stock with some fancy Sheik play to bring the competition closer.

The next matchup between VGBC Pink Fresh and Void was arguably the closest match in the tournament as both players started with three stocks. After some well-placed Witch Times and dominant air-combos, Pink Fresh’s Bayonetta took the close game and the lead for Team Ally.

The first of three turning points came next, when MSF Larry Lurr traded stocks to eliminate Pink Fresh with his Fox. He then went 3-1 against Team Ally’s wildcard Ned and his Cloud to bring Team Zero into the head spot.

Arguably the best remaining player on Team Ally at the time, DNL Marss cleaned up Larry before going 3-2 against FOW’s Ness to take the lead once more.

He finally went down to IMT Anti as they traded stocks.

Anti proceeded to go an even 2-2 with his Mario against TeamRival Mr. E’s Marth as he was eliminated after shrinking the lead back down to one stock.

Thus, in came the MVP of the event, 2GG Komorikiri, who finished off Mr. E 1-1, took down Elevate Mr. R’s Sheik 3-1 and took the final member of Team Ally, DNG Kameme 2-1 as he was finally taken out.

This allowed Team ZeRo’s closer, FOX MKLeo to wrap up the crew battle with a 1-0 Marth/Mega Man matchup.

This gave the Iron Kong, ZeRo, the win and Team ZeRo were named the victors of the first Smash Civil War.

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