Prison Break is Back!

After closing out Season 4 back in 2010, Fox is taking a run at reviving the hit series. Set to air this Tuesday at 9 pm eastern time, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming season:

Season four left us all emotional, as our beloved protagonist, engineer genius Michael Scofield was killed breaking out his fiance and the child of his mother from a wrongful imprisonment. Now, seven years later, Scofield is alive. Fox hasn’t yet released the plot behind his mysterious return from the beyond, nor will I.

Along with Wentworth Miller (Scofield), we’ll see some other familiar faces for the reboot. Michael’s old cellmate and best friend, Amaury Nolasco or Fernando Sucre, confirmed he will be apart of the next season. With every protagonist comes the antagonist.

Though he may not be your favorite character (nor is he mine), Robbert Knepper will be reprising his role as Theodore “T Bag” Bagwell. Neither a bad guy or a good guy, Paul Adelstein is coming back as Paul Kellerman, who was last pictured shot by company associates. So I’m not sure how his return will be pictured. On top of all these, we will see the return of C-Note, or Rockmond Dunbar, and Sarah Wayne Callies will be returning as Sara, but Fox hints she may not be with Michael?

prison-break (1)

Aside from the reappearance of previous characters, the next season for Prison Break sounds promising. Even from the previews alone, you can tell we are in for even more action than we saw in the first four seasons combined.

As for the plot, we are told that the season will kick off years following where we left the show. Somehow, Scofield has found himself imprisoned once more, and the old team is regrouping to attempt a breakout.

For now, Prison Break is only set to air 9 episodes. Should it take off, we will see it take the road we are all yearning for. The next wave of this show will take to airing on Tuesdays, at 9 pm. Should you miss the episode, or simply look for a recap and breakdown, I will be covering all nine original episodes in a Wednesday column.

Fan or no fan, this is a series you won’t want to miss. Until Tuesday, where we will see the next big breakout commence, even more treacherous than the last.

 All information provided by Fox and Digital Spy, featured image provided by Fox.


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