League of Legends: NA LCS Playoff Preview

After 18 games best of 3 games for each team the North American LCS spring split regular season has come to an end. With Team Solo Mid (15-3) in first place with Cloud 9 (14-4) following closely behind in second.

These teams will not play again until the semifinals. Their opponents will be decided by best of 5s between third –sixth places in the quarterfinals.

In third we have Phoenix 1(11-7) who will face fifth place Team Dignitas (9-9). The winner of which will play against Cloud 9.

The fourth place Counter Logic Gaming (10-8) will play against fifth place FlyQuest (9-9), and the winner of this series will play again TSM. I could go on about what I expect to happen in these matches but honestly with the trend this split has presented thus far most bets are off.

I will say Phoenix 1 should be able to beat Team Dignitas and CLG should be able to beat FlyQuest based off base statistics and team experience but if this split has taught us anything about professional league of legends it’s that predictions can mean very little just look at last week I mean who could have predicted that Team Liquid(5-13) would have been able to beat TSM 2-1?

However coming up this week isn’t the quarterfinals, it’s the promotional/relegation matches Team Liquid and Team Envy( 3-15) will face off against eUnited and Gold Coin United from the North American Challenger Series.

The winners of these matches will be promoted/remain in the LCS the losers will be demoted/remain in the Challenger Series. For Envy anything could happen but with Liquid besting TSM in the last week of the regular split they showed that they can perform well for the important games. So without any massive mistakes, they should be able to secure their spot for the summer split.

I am sure that both the promotional and playoff matches will hold plenty of excitement. We will just have to see who will come out on top and secure a lead and potential momentum heading into the summer split where the teams in the NA LCS will compete for their spots in the 2017 World Championship.

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