NewsFlash! S3:EP18

Collin is back with a recap of this week’s Flash episode.

“Abra Kadabra”

Welcome back to NewsFlash, your weekly run through of this week’s Flash episode.

Last week, we took a brief break from the main plot of this season, Flash vs Savitar. Supergirl was in trouble, and as any good friend does, Barry rushed to help her. Doing so he rekindled the fire in both his relationship and weirdly enough, Supergirl’s. Now, that we’re up to date let’s set our sights on Savitar:


This week’s episode begins with the introduction of a new villain, Abra Kadabra. Containing magic like powers, he commits a robbery for some glowing light source with ease. Back at Star Labs, Cisco sadly reports that future has not changed.

Another robbery commences, and Flash speeds to save the day. In his meeting with the new villain, Abra claims to know everything including the true identity of both the Flash and Savitar. Gypsy chimes in before Barry can react, and Abra makes his escape.

A rare occurrence, Gyspy provides helpful information to Team Flash. Providing the 411 on their new foe, she tells them he is from Earth 19 and she’s been tracking him for years. Determined that the town’s new magician is a key in stopping Savitar, Barry sets out to find him.

While Barry, Wally, Gypsy, and Vibe fall for another one of his tricks, Abra Kadabra attacks at Star Labs. Although Barry intercepts, he is sidetracked with an offer from the villain that surrounds Savitar’s identity.

A conversation between Cisco and Gypsy reveals that Abra once killed someone she cared about on Earth 19. Trying to make his decision on the villain’s freedom, Barry contemplates his options with Iris. Even though it is her death in question, Iris insists that Barry does the right thing, whether it means solidifying her fate or not.

What they couldn’t plan for, is father doing what is required to save his daughters life. Joe sets him loose, and (surprisingly?) he doesn’t hold up his end of the deal (to reveal the identity.)

Realizing that Abra Kadabra is stealing tech to build a time machine, Team Flash plans for their next encounter. Before he can reach his breach and put on the ultimate disappearing act, the Flash catches up to him and foils his plan.

In Hail Mary fashion, Barry pleads to Abra Kadabra for his aid in saving Iris. It is to no avail, and Gypsy takes him back to Earth 19 for his execution.

This episode culminates with uncertainty spread through all of Team Flash. Back at the West residence, Barry reveals that he has only one plan for Savitar, running¬†into the future.¬†As worried as we are with Iris’ fate, where has HR been? Until next time Flash fans, may the speed force be with you.

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