Power Rangers: Initial Thoughts

Children of the 90’s, fret no longer. The Power Rangers movie we all deserved has arrived, and I give it two thumbs up:

For those of you who don’t know, the Power Rangers are a team of youth trained by a legendary mentor Zordon to protect the life crystal on planet Earth. With the help of their mentor, they use coins in order to “morph” into the legendary Power Rangers. Gifted with suits of armor, they fight any evil that should cross their path, in Angel Grove, Califonia or elsewhere. Since 1993, the Power Rangers have been one of the best live action TV programs for the younger audience. Now in 2017, our nostalgia has been renewed, and a live action PG-13 rated Power Ranger movie has been released:

I saw the Power Ranger movie earlier today, and on a scale of one to three stars (three being amazingly satisfying, two being a recommendation to pass the time, and one being better wait for the DVD release), I have to give this movie 2 and a 1/2 stars.


For a present day release on a two decade old story, I was very impressed with how the directors remained intact with the original story line. As expected, some things were improved (in my opinion) off the original tale, to make this film more suitable for all audiences.

Instead of the cheesy do-gooders who were what appeared perfect children, today’s Power Rangers are modern day screw ups. To be more specific, three out of five meet in detention at the high school. All this to say, the original plot remained complete, with respectable edits. Regardless of their mistakes, the goal of the five troubled teenagers remains in doing the right thing and protecting Angel Grove.

In today’s film we are presented with a new dilemma, only five rangers. This includes: Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Black. Notice there is no Green ranger. I won’t spoil it completely, but the green ranger will not be on the side of the other five rangers in this film. Maybe it’s already the foundation being set for the sequel? Who knows.


As it was with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back in the mid-90s, we see some familiar faces. All the characters of Power Rangers past have remained in the plot. Billy Cranston, Zack Taylor, Kimberly Hart, Trini Kwan, and Jason Lee Scott all return and even to their respective colors.

In addition they are lead with the help of Zordon and Alpha 5 per the original stories. Keeping the cast as it was and simply using this film as a rebirth was an intelligent move by the directing crew. The same names we fell in love with as children, are the same protectors of the universe today. Even the repulsive, Rita Repulsa, is our first villain as it was in the original TV program.


This movie is rated PG-13, and respectively at that. Within the first minutes of the show, there is a joke involving cow semen. The new Power Rangers, and even Alpha 5, aren’t afraid to cuss, and we’re even introduced to a gay Power Ranger? (It wasn’t necessarily specified through dialogue.)

Although it is suitable for children (as I doubt they would understand any of the innapropriate content), they definitely succeeded in making this film appropriate for all ages. Parents, teenagers, and children alike will enjoy this film.

One of my favorite things of the film was the dialogue that went back ages before the film. “It’s Morphin Time,” “You five are the Power Rangers,” and others come to mind. Not to mention the incorporation of the original theme song “Go Go Power Rangers!”

In Conclusion

There it is. I successfully covered the basics of this new film with no spoilers in around 600 words. If you were a fan of the show prior, this film will bring back all your favorite things about the rangers, prepare your nostalgic muscles.

Even if you weren’t a fan or watched the original TV show, it’s a quality movie that doesn’t need prior knowledge of the story. An above and beyond rebirth of what is a great franchise, Power Rangers will not disappoint.

Featured image provided by denofgeek.com.

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