NewsFlash! S3 EP17



Welcome back to NewsFlash, your weekly run through of this week’s Flash episode.

Last week’s episode left Team Flash in a grey area. Wally was rescued from the Speed Force, but extremely traumatized by what he saw. Barry and Iris decide they need to take some space, after the confusion that surrounds their engagement. Here we are:

Episode 17 is a crossover with the Supergirl series, another show on the CW for those of you who didn’t know. The episode begins with Barry and Cisco being paged by HR, due to a breach being opened at the labs. Expecting Gypsy or another foe, Team Flash is surprised when their visitor is none other than Supergirl. Accompanied by her friends from National City, they tell Barry she has been put in some kind of sleep state by an enemy who has made his way to their earth. Before they can wonder who the new enemy is, he makes his presence known and takes on both Kid Flash and the Flash easily, putting Barry in the same like state.

Barry is sent to a dream, the same dream as Supergirl. They have been sent to some kind of reality based on, singing and dancing. Musical lovers, this is the episode for you. Barry and Kara (Supergirl) find their mutual enemy and he explains to them that they have found themselves in a moving musical. While they sing and move the musical, Central City is “his for the taking.” Even worse, the ONLY way to get out and save their friends is to sing and follow the plot of the musical.

However, it couldn’t be that easy. The plot proves dangerous, as Kara and Barry are kidnapped by street gangsters. They are instructed to find the missing daughter of a mob boss. Back at Star Labs, Caitlyn is analyzing Kara and Barry and realize the man who trapped them in the musicals is sapping their powers. When their vital signs start going haywire, Kid Flash, Vibe, and Martian Manhunter set out to capture the enemy. Successfully, they locate him and take him down quickly.

In the musical, Barry and Kara attempt to negotiate with the mob boss’ daughter on returning home. They attempt to persuade her, and she follows them home to confess her love for a said Tommy Miran. We learn that Tommy is the son of the club owner where Barry and Kara are set to sing, and the enemy of the mob boss. In their attempts to convince their parents, Kara and Barry both learn lessons about their own love lives.

Back at Star Labs, the Music Meister instructs Iris and Mon-El that they can save Barry and Kara. Meanwhile, Barry and Kara perform a number at the club ironically entitled “Super Friend.” Outside the two mobs engage in a firefight over their children’s love affair. Barry and Kara get caught in the firefight, and each get shot (they don’t ave their powers in this dream). Cisco vibes Mon-El and Iris to the musical where they patch their relationships, sending all four of them back to reality.

Claiming to be one of the good guys trying to teach a lesson, the Music Meister fades away onto his next musical. With things repaired between the two couples, Barry is even more prepared to take on Savitar. With the completion of this venture for Team Flash, questions arise. Will Wally master his fears and get back on the horse that is Kid Flash? What has Savitar been doing while Barry was singing and dancing? More importantly, couldn’t Barry just ask Supergirl for help with it all? She kind of owes him one.

Until next week, when the everlasting fight against Savitar and the future continues for Team Flash.


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