NewsFlash! S3 EP16

“Into the Speed Force”


Welcome back to NewsFlash, your weekly run through of this weeks Flash episode.

Last week’s episode left our heroes crushed by the loss of Wally West into the speed force. The evil speed god, Savitar, played a deadly mind game that swapped Wally into his place, trapped inside the speed force. Barry was badly injured in a fight with his nemesis, and here we are:

This episode begins with Cisco sending Barry into the speed force in order to retrieve Wally. Upon entry, Barry finds himself with his girlfriend (or fiance, or whatever they are)’s ex-husband who is actually just a representation of the speed force. Barry is told that that there is no retrieving Wally, and that the speed force will not be as cooperative this time. Back at Star Labs, Jesse presents Cisco with the task of tracking Savitar through his claw that the Flash cut off in their previous battle. Cisco denies, but yet again we find HR showing a darker side, eavesdropping on the two’s conversation.

Meanwhile in the speed force, Flash is challenged with outrunning a Time Wraith, the ghosts of the speed force. Successfully, he outruns and phases through the wraith, and takes the door as instructed by his guide. Being tested by the speed force, Barry is being shown the tolls he’s taken on his friends and their lives. At star labs, Jesse has convinced Team Flash to track Savitar, but grows frustrated when they won’t let her go after him.

Going through trials in the speed force, Flash remains adamant that he will sacrifice himself for Wally. Freeing himself as instructed, Flash destroys the one lifeline between him and Earth. Cisco realizes he can’t vibe Barry, and team Flash has lost the one way to bring them back from the speed force. Locating Wally, Flash is stopped by another life yet lost, Captain Cold. Fortunately for Barry, Flash from Earth 3 saves him as Cold was about to kill him.

Meanwhile, Jesse has tracked down Savitar, but of course it was all according to his plan. In their battle, she receives a (very rare) tip from HR. Realizing he hides in a suit of armor, Jesse finds a weak point and stabs him with his own claw, forcing him into fleeing. In the speed force, Barry and Flash from Earth 3 free Wally, but to Barry’s surprise, Garick stays in Wally’s place:

-“I’ve ran a hell of a race, but every marathon has a finish line.”

Successfully returning to Earth, Wally finds that Jesse is going to Earth 3 to take Jay’s place. We finally hear our favorite speeder couple trade “I love you”s and Team Flash sends her off to Earth 3. Surprisingly, Iris and Barry do not rekindle their relationship, but Barry decides that a break is best. Attempting to save the woman he loves, Flash decides to embrace his vision of the future.

Until next week, when the everlasting fight against both the future and Savitar resumes.

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