NewsFlash! S3 EP15

Collin is back with a recap of this week’s episode of the Flash!

“The Wrath of Savitar”


Welcome back to NewsFlash, your weekly run through of the latest Flash episode.

We last left our heroes in the triumphs of victory, having sent the gorilla Grodd back to his imprisonment in Starling City. Barry proposed to Iris, and Wally ran into Savitar on a Big Belly Burger run. Now, that you’re caught up let’s see what this week has in store:

The episode begins with: The Flash, Kid Flash, and Jesse Quick training their speed for the fight against Savitar. Reminder, Barry is determined that Wally is the one to defeat the speed God, not himself. Back at Star Labs, Barry and Iris announce their engagement to the group, and Julian returns from London. As soon as the festivities of celebration can begin, they end, as a fire starts somewhere in the city. The Flash and Kid Flash race off to stop it, but yet again, Savitar thwarts Wally’s plans. However, in this episode, from Barry’s point of view, it appears that Wally is all alone flopping about the ground.

After medical examination, everyone chides Wally for keeping his encounters┬áto himself. Barry insists that Savitar was only in his head, and that Wally should stay out of the way for now. Julian declines channeling Savitar back through him for a face to face chat. Julian and Caitlin share their first on screen kiss, and (of course) he changes his mind on the Savitar issue. In the conversation with Savitar (Julian), the speed god states that TeamFlash cannot change the future, and it’s Iris’ life or his death. Locating the cult worshiping Savitar himself, Flash finds an ancient casing identical to the one that encased the Philosopher’s Stone (which he previously threw into the Speed Force).

Still training for his fight with Savitar, Wally decides that seeing how the night of Iris’ death will help. Cisco vibes him into the future, and Wally notices that Iris wasn’t wearing her wedding ring in the vibe. Forced out of him, Barry admits that he only proposed to Iris because he saw the same when he was thrust into the future. In a conversation with Julian, Caitlin reveals that she has had the Philosopher’s Stone all along. Upset that she kept the secret from him, Julian admits to channeling Savitar once again, upon Barry’s persistence.

Trying to vibe his location, Cisco can only see white flashes of lightning. TeamFlash learns that Savitar has been trapped in the speed force without the other half of the stone. Wally steals the stone, after the speed god takes shape of his mother continuing to play mind tricks. Successfully, Wally throws the stone into the speed force, and gets taken himself. Now free, Savitar claims Kid Flash took his place inside the speed force. A battle begins, and as always, Barry is too slow for this enemy. Rushed to Star Labs, Barry gets stabbed by Savitar, but manages to cut off his claw, leaving it buried in his chest.

With Savitar on the loose, and Wally trapped in the speed force, we are left with more questions than ever. Until next week, where Barry attempts to save Iris and Wally, both set to be victims of the villain Savitar.

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