League of Legends Championship: Week 6 Recap

This week in the NA LCS will be just over the halfway point in the spring split of 2017. However unlike most splits prior to this, who will be in the lead going into finals is very unclear. As per usual there are teams in the lead like Team Solo Mid and Cloud 9 but even they still have been beaten twice so far. When you move to the middle of the pack how the split will go becomes less clear. With only two wins separating third through eighth place and the bottom two still having a couple good wins under their belts this split is still far from over.

There is plenty to get excited about this week Cloud 9, who (until a 2 loss weekend) were the undisputed leaders until this past weekend, need to recover if they want to remain at the top. They should (absent any unforeseen variables) be able to dispatch Echo Fox with little trouble, but can they beat FlyQuest(deemed Cloud9 2)  who have surprised everyone many times, even beating Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid. CLG and TL have been struggling as of late this was no small victory for a recently created team such as FlyQuest. We will just have to see if Cloud 9 can bounce back from last week.

Phoenix 1 is another new team that has been showing a lot of promise ended last week with 2 wins. So they should come into this week with some momentum and it will be exciting to see if they can continue to impress us. But probably the most exciting game for the fans will be that of rivals TSM and CLG. Though this game will mostly likely end with a TSM victory, anything is possible when it comes to these teams, especially since they have both found themselves struggling at various times during the split.

It will no doubt be an exciting week as well as an exciting second half of the split. We will just have to wait to see who comes out on top.

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