NewsFlash! S3:EP14

Collin Daniel recaps the events of the latest episode of the CW’s Flash TV series.

“Attack on Central City”


For those of you that may be not caught up, or are slightly forgetful: Episode 14 of the Flash, Season three finds our hero Barry Allen in the aftermath of escaping Gorilla City. The fight with Grodd is over and all is quiet, (of course only) for now.

The episode starts out with Team Flash preparing to celebrate Friends Day, a Valentine’s Day equivalent on another earth with HR. Barry and Iris’ relationship is going great, and Harry still cannot find the use for his¬†other universe doppelganger. Previously, Wally and Jesse decided that she should move to Earth 1 so they can go through everything, together. Expecting an irate reaction from her father, they are surprised when he is calm and collected upon hearing the news.

Just as everything is going great, the bounty hunter Gypsy arrives on Earth 1 through a breach. Not taking time to say hello, she blasts everyone in sight, but is knocked out by Harry. Locked in a cell within the pipeline, she wakes up claiming not to remember anything of the recent events. She tells a tale of hunting another breacher on Earth 2 in an African jungle. Assuming that Grodd took control of her mind, Team Flash now knows the gorilla has arrived in Central City.

In preparation for the gorilla attack, we see more growth between Cisco and Gypsy as he tries to convince her to help the team. She (suspiciously) denies and demands release which she is granted. Later, the team is hunting Grodd with little success and after overtaking Joe’s mind, he attempts to force a suicide. In actuality was all a distraction for Barry, while the gorilla kidnaps an unidentified government official.

Team Flash, with the (rare) help of HR, discover the government official is Air Force General McNally. Unfortunately, their further research also shows McNally is in charge of nuclear weapons. Discovering an armed weapon within the city, Barry speeds off to disarm it. Seconds before nuclear missiles are launched into Central City, Barry punches in the correct dismissal code.

After one small win, the war begins as Grodd marches his gorilla army into the city. Barry has an idea, and we see Cisco vibe out to Earth 19 to ask Gypsy once again for her help. Meanwhile in Central City: the Flash, Jesse Quick, and Kid Flash brace themselves as the battle begins. For our heroes, the battle goes sour quickly. Fortunately enough, Cisco and Gyspy return, this time with the former gorilla king Solovar. In a one on one duel for leadership Solovar prevails over Grodd. Barry again shows his reluctance to kill by insisting that Solovar spare his enemy, claiming he can stay on Earth 1. The new gorilla leader agrees to Barry’s terms and they are returned to the Gorilla City.

Once again, Team Flash feels remorse for the fate of Grodd. He is returned to his original prison, by way of Lyla Michaels of Starling City. Cisco and Gypsy finally share their first kiss, and of course in a flash (or a breach in this case), she is gone. Back at Barry and Iris’ apartment, we hear a line we have only heard once prior:

“Iris West, will you marry me?”

Of course, the screen cuts before Iris can offer a response. Of course, at the end of the episode Wally runs into Savatar on a Big Belly Burger run. Of course, we’ll all waiting with high anticipation for next Tuesday night.

Until the next episode where the fight against Savatar and Iris’ fate continues.

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