The Destiny of the Boston Bruins

With how the season is turning out for the Boston Bruins it won’t shock most fans to find out that they hold their chances to get into the playoffs in their own hands. They currently sit one point back of the Philadelphia Flyers in the standings and with three games left on their schedule, all at home against quality teams, they have every opportunity to get over that barrier.


The last game the Bruins played ended in a disappointing loss at the hands of the defending champion Chicago Blackhawks despite a very strong late game push. They have been playing great during the latter half of games but it has been proving to be insufficient seeing as they have lost more of them then won.


After the loss in Chicago the media mainly focused on the Boston veterans who were in a similar position to this last year when 96 points was not enough to get them into the postseason. They all had a similar one game at a time mentality.


“We are focusing on the game against the Hurricanes. That’s the biggest focus right now,” said Boston defensemen Zdeno Chara. “We don’t look at as a three game sequence, you know? Right now we look at it like the Carolina game is the biggest game for us.


If they win out against all three of their upcoming opponents they will guarantee themselves a place in the playoffs.


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